How Commercial Insurance Work for Moving Consignment


Transport is an integral part of the Indian economy. To keep the goods and vehicle safe from all the damages commercial Insurance for the moving consignment is very important. Transit insurance is a secured way of keeping the risk away that arises owing to damage and loss of goods during transit. The cost of the premium is determined owing to the cost of goods that are being transported from one destination to the other.

Transit insurance in the country also compensates damages that are caused owing to the overturning or derailment of the vessel. Commercial insurance can be obtained online with the simple click of the mouse sitting from the comfort of your home or office.

Commercial Insurance is a kind of business insurance that covers the threats that are caused to any business. Several types of commercial insurance are available that offer financial coverage for diverse business perils. Insurance can be for a factory, shop, warehouse, mall or vehicle.

Types of commercial insurances are-

  • Commercial vehicle insurance

  • Landlord insurance

  • Transit Insurance

  • Umbrella insurance

  • Shopkeeper’s insurance

  • Office Package insurance

  • Liability insurance

  • Warehouse Insurance

How Commercial insurance works

Commercial insurance offers coverage for all kinds of risks like physical damage or loss caused to the freight all through the shipment, whether it is done by sea, air or land. 

What are the benefits of Commercial insurance  and why is it needed-

  • Commercial Insurance is important for local as well as international trade
  • Majority of international cargo transit is via sea. The entire sea transportation is managed through the containers through the vessels 
  • If you are managing an import and export business you are well aware of the importance of commercial insurance and it is upto the owner to deliver the goods in a good condition. In every import or export, you are required to spend a huge amount of money for shipping of the goods and if the owner of the business ignores the significance of cargo insurance he will have to face dire consequences.

Following things are covered under the commercial insurance:-

  • Dent or destruction caused owing to improper packing.

  • Invasion of any kind

  • Cargo rejection

  • Customs rejection

  • Damage caused owing to some collision.

  • Harm caused owing to bad weather, derailment, sinking

  • If the goods are not delivered

  • Pilfering

  • Fire.

Risks covered in Commercial Insurance

The risks that are covered in commercial insurance are-

Loss or damage if caused owing to:

  • Lightning
  • Fire
  • The blast of any kind in the vehicle or otherwise
  • Damage caused due to strikes, riots, and spiteful damage
  • Shock by any road vehicle
  • Natural calamities like Storm, inundation, floods, earth-quake 
  • Burglary or accidental loss or smash-up

So, to wrap it up we can say that commercial insurance for a moving consignment is required to safeguard your goods and avoid any damage or destruction caused during the transit.

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