How to Avoid Shipping Scams


In this era of E-commerce, Online shopping has skyrocketed thanks to the endless range of products, and ease as well as conveniences it offers.  Shipping scams and fraud are abundant and may involve massive amounts of money. There is always someone trying to be crafty and exploitative. 

 Understanding shipping scams 

Shipping scams are also known as “postal forwarding.” Shipping scams are carried out by the workers that accept parcels that contain stolen items, then repackaging and reshipping them. The scammer provides a fake paycheck in return. In some cases, scammed customers thought they were buying products from a legit seller, but never received them after they sent the payment. At times customers receive a quote and pay to schedule a shipping company only to realize that the transport truck never arrives. 

To avoid these scams, it is important to recognize them and take necessary precautions through all the steps of the process. So, how do you stay safe and avoid these shipping scams?

Shipping Insurance Role

Shipping insurance companies will always take responsibility and help your shipping to get safe delivery without any material damages. Shipping Insurance a low-cost premium can save you from big losses.

Examine the website of the company 

  • It is seen that many companies unknowingly give away their shady intentions through their poorly designed website. 
  •  The proper amount of money is not spent to create a robust website and no focus is given to the presentation.
  • Pay close attention to the smaller details.
  • Examine carefully if the company has forwarded a legitimate physical address on their site.
  • Also research the company’s Google rating, BBB rating, and social media rating. 
  • Read through the reviews carefully to find out if there is any similarity in the language used by multiple reviewers 
  • Also, check their license.
  • Find out information about the company. The website will not list fraudulent companies
  1. Evade upfront payment and avoid wire transfers
  • Typically, scammers ask for payment via wire transfers. 
  •  It becomes virtually impossible to dispute the payment if you do get scammed. 
  • Legitimate carriers accept credit cards or checks. Credit card payment is ideal because it also gives you added fraud protection. 
  1. Beware of low-cost baits
  • At the time of getting a quote, understand the industry rates, scan the price and see if it is too good to be true,
  • Beware of extra quick scheduling.
  • The process of arranging and coordinating transport carriers based on your specific needs and schedule usually takes time.
  •  Finding a compatible carrier from reputed trucking companies requires some time. This is because they might have to contact several companies before they find someone who delivers products within the timeframe you need. 
  1. Check out the proof of insurance 
  • Before you sign an agreement, make sure you ask for proof of insurance to check for legitimacy. If they refuse or hesitate, it is best to avoid working with them.
  • Ensure that the online shipping goods transport companies have the most updated license and shipping insurance so that you never experience an issue.
  1. Understand how the Shipping companies

  It is important to know certain facts about how the transport industry works. This will eventually help you learn how to avoid shipping scams. 

    • Understand the difference between brokers and online marine transport company carriers, 
    • Always keep your shipping goods insurance while moving
    • The different types of shipping methods 
    • Average time taken 
  • Approximate cost 

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