Marine Cargo Insurance Coverage


Marine cargo insurance Plans are uniquely structured to help you avoid unforeseen situations. Domestic or international shipments whether being transported by sea or air or land can face damages or losses due to a multitude of reasons. In case you have goods on a shipment that goes wrong, your business can have to handle substantial financial losses. 

Marine cargo insurance plans are significant especially for international and national trade. Marine cargo insurance coverage enables your business to secure your financial contributions from unprecedented issues. The buyer and seller,  along with other secondary parties involved in international trading,  need to secure marine cargo insurance. Shippers  can gain confidence only  if  they  secure proper marine Cargo  insurance protection for their merchandise

 Things covered by Marine cargo insurance 

  • Marine Cargo Insurance protects your goods against any damage. The Marine Insurance policy covers loss, whether total or partial destruction of cargo in a number of cases including:

    Sinking or stranding of ships,
  • Acts of war 
  • Collision, or overturning or derailment of land transport.
  • Major natural disasters such as storms, earthquakes, etc.
    Nasty damage of goods or theft of goods by miscreants. 
  • Financial expenditures such as survey fees, or forwarding expenses, and reconditioning costs.
  • Marine cargo insurance covers your goods for any loss or damage while in transit on the ocean or land.

Marine cargo insurance Plan ensures financial security

Marine cargo insurance offers crucial protection for the safe growth of your business.  Marine Cargo insurance is an essential feature of your business that can enable you to expand the business and boost economic growth. Buying marine cargo insurance will ensure that your financial integrity is not at stake. Freight brokers are also incorporating new technology and purchasing marine cargo insurance online.  The policy helps the transporters to recover funds from any type of unforeseen loss. 

 Purchase Marine cargo insurance plan at competitive price 

  • Explore your options before choosing a marine cargo insurance provider thoroughly. 
  • Internet efficiencies have made it possible to compare and get an affordable shipping insurance quote.
  • It is worthwhile to get two or three quotes for a flexible, all-inclusive, and well-structured insurance cover.
  • Negotiate and avail transit insurance discounts
  • Consult your freight carrier for any recommendations. Contact a trusted and experienced business associate while procuring Marine Cargo Insurance coverage.

 Important Features of marine Cargo insurance coverage:

  • It should begin at the warehouse at the point of loading shipment
  • It should extend to the warehouse at the point of destination
  • It should also include all transitional transit by rail or truck 
  • It should cover  risks at Warehouse storage, or  domestic transit, exhibitions, etc 

Basic information required to buy a competitive marine cargo insurance quote:

  • Type of merchandise
  • Annual insured values 
  • gross sale
  • Place of Origin and final  destination
  • Conveyance type  that will include  carrier name
  • Packing
  • Terms of insurance 
  • History of previous incurred loss

 Factors affecting Premium for Marine cargo insurance plan;

  • the premium is based on the nature of the goods,
  • the method in which they are packed,
  • the starting point of the journey,
  • The final destination of the journey
  • The total distance to be covered 
  • the mode of transport 
  • The total value of the goods being shipped.

 Factors to consider when buying a marine cargo insurance plan 

  • Select a  trusted and experienced freight  broker  that has reputation for fair and prompt settlement of claims 
  • Opt for an insurer that offers a complete range of loss control and  has risk management capabilities; 
  • Purchase adequate coverage to fit your specific requirements on the cost that is based upon your cargo’s exposure to loss. It should not be dependent on the loss experience of all shippers insured by the insurer.
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