Reduce Your Shipping Insurance Cost


Goods have to be transported and moved using a network of road routes, or railroads, or airports, or waterways. It is important to establish the overall distance starting right from the origin to the final destination.  This distance and the mode of transport play a crucial role in determining the cost to ship. 

It is seen that many shippers end up paying an excessive cost for the shipment of the goods.  This is mainly because they are not aware of the actual costs and redundant surcharges which are initially hidden. 

Getting shipping insurance is a must 

Securing a shipping insurance policy is a must for transporters that conduct regular transportation of valuable packages.  Small transporters can also meet competition, and experience reasonable profits. By getting a freight insurance plan they are also able to revert losses, especially when goods suffer damage due to unforeseen circumstances. Transit insurance plans also help small business enterprises to maintain their solvency and build their market value. It is important to buy a comprehensive cargo insurance plan from a provider that offers reduced and competitive shipping insurance rates. 

Opt for long term shipping insurance plans 

It is necessary for the shippers, especially small and medium businesses, to understand and to look for the best ways to lower overall shipping costs.  However, reducing shipping costs does not imply merely negotiating the lowest LTL rates.  It is possible that they are able to secure lowered rates, but in the long run, using this method will not be practical and workable. There are solutions for these challenges as you get shipping insurance for your valuable goods at competitive rates.

 Few tips on how to effectively lower shipping insurance costs.

 Negotiate with different carriers; Small shipping insurance business enterprises need to negotiate the price with few carriers.  Understand basic factors such as the size and weight of your package, and the distance to be covered. Use this crucial information to get a better bargain. 

 Get an accurate idea about the weight of each package; this will enable you, to calculate the costs accurately. Try to minimize the dimensions of the package to save on a significant amount of cost.

 Seek discounted supplies; large shipping carriers often provide discounted packaging supplies to small business owners. Packaging material such as bubble wrap, or poly mailers, can be brought in bulk quantities. This will result in additional cost savings for your business

  Compare quotes online; in this era of the internet, you can get shipping insurance quotes online. If you require a cost-effective and comprehensive freight insurance plan you need to compare the quotes offered by reputed freight brokers or shipping insurance companies. . Thus can see choose a viable transit insurance policy at reasonable rates. This is one of the best ways to buy the best and cheap shipping insurance plan for your business needs. 

Customize freight insurance plan according to specific business needs; Buy a customized structured shipping insurance plan catered for your transportation needs. If your business regularly ships packages take a quote for a custom policy catered for your specific needs. The coverage discounts are also linked to your shipping volume as they grow with bigger volumes.

 Buy annual freight insurance Plan 

Leading transporters and logistics service providers prefer to purchase an annual freight insurance plan. This is designed according to the volume of goods, mode of transportation, and distance.  Prepaid Annual freight insurance and transit insurance plan are cost-effective


Shippers whether small or big can save a considerable amount of money on shipping insurance. No one knows what can happen to your product while in transit. It’s why your business needs an all-inclusive and well-structured shipping insurance plan at competitive rates to prepare itself in case things go wrong.

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