Trukky offering Instant Cargo Insurance!!

Cargo transit insurance protection plans cover losses and damage of merchandise during the shipment. Even when the shipment forwarders and truck drivers try their best to keep the cargo safe and away from losses and damages that might take place during the process of transition.

Trukky’s Cargo Insurance   

Accidents or mishaps always come unexpected; therefore it is essential to get your cargo insured. Trukky is an on-demand transport service provider, which is offering Low Cost of cost insurance support to their clients. As a value added service to all our customers, the company has partnered with renowned national insurer to provide insurance at Low rates with instant policy generation for all transactions through Trukky. The clients can now cover transit risks by taking on demand cargo insurance instantly and without any hassle.

  • Commercial goods

Trukky offers a very competitive premium at the range of 0.02% to 0.08% and it is limited to an invoice value on maximum Rs. 25 lakhs.  Consumers will have to raise an additional request to avail insurance services once the transportation service is confirmed with trukky.

In case of any claim, Trukky will assist with the process and also with required documentation for the claim process.

  • Household and non-commercial used items

Trukky offers a very competitive premium at 2% and it is limited to a declared value of maximum Rs. 25 lakhs. In case of Household and non-commercial used items the declared has to be assumed considering depreciation and years of use.

Cargo Insurance benefits

From the expected disasters to bandit attacks on the commercial goods cargo, expecting the unexpected is being cautious. Therefore, your consignments require insurance cover, same as you require an insurance for your health in order to keep yourself in a healthy condition.

You do have the option to move the goods without any insurance cover; still, in case of any kind of damage or loss of the consignment, you will be liable for the complete financial load. With no insurance, you still could proceed legally against your freight forwarder. On the other hand, this is a very lengthy and difficult method, and could also face limitations with international law.

The span of your coverage over your cargo does not rely on the category of cargo itself. On the other hand, the time duration  of your insurance cover is clearly mentioned in the insurance policy, and it should get started in advance of the starting of your cargo from its place, and it should close after the cargo is received at its destination.

Why you need to get your cargo Insured?   

The quick-witted business persons have understood the fact that it’s really imperative to drop down the issue of lessening margins and protect all revenue. One of the finest techniques to do this is by means of insurance.  Getting your cargo insured is essential because if you don’t cover your consignment, then your business could lose big money.

To get the most out of your cargo insurance, it is imperative to get familiar with a few insurance fundamentals so that if anything happens to the shipment, you can complete refund for the lost or damaged item.

Various transport companies are offering the clients with competitive rates. These days, it has turned easy to come across a reliable transport service offering insurance support to the clients. Most of the companies serving with insurance support are partnered with the most renowned insurers. And, one of these transport service providers is “Trukky”, that offers cover at low rates with instant policy generation for all the transactions through the company.

So, if you also need to move your goods to faraway locations with complete safety and affordability, then it would be just perfect to go with Trukky to get your goods and consignment shipped safely and on-time. The insurance they provide covers against all general risks during transit and consumers can now avail instant insurance at lowest rates.

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