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What is Cargo Insurance?

Why is the insurance of your cargo important? Is your cargo in transit at risk of damage or theft? Are you afraid of the hectic paperwork in getting cargo insurance? Trukky brings you hassle-free cargo insurance processes online, with no paperwork, and ineffective price comparisons between different insurance companies. Instead, truck insurance deal with the best and most trusted Insurance providers and offers you the industry best risk coverage terms, quick claim facility at the lowest of premium rates. Your cargo is now insured with the best risk cover through Trukky insurance by one of the leading and the most trusted insurance company in India.

Best Cargo Insurance with tumbrela

Marine cargo insurance has become easier with tumbrela and can be booked within seconds through your mobile device or computers in just 3 simple steps where you add your details, get a quote and pay safely online to generate policy instantly online. This simple process makes your cargo secure from theft and any transit damage. You can save the Cost value of your cargo by insuring and paying a minimum percentage of your asset value.

The same ease is provided in claiming your insurance where you get the opportunity of an earlier claim through Trukky insurance, the process is as simple as getting your insurance. The cargo gets insured and in case of any damages or loss, you get your claim value as per policy sooner.

Secure your shipment with Lowest Premium Cargo Insurance Policy

Marine cargo insurance with Trukky insurance is the best insurance cover that is customized and tailor-made in safeguarding your cargo anywhere around the globe. A simple and easy to get marine insurance for cargo at Trukky will protect your cargo from any damage or loss caused during the transit via marine.

Cargo Insurance FAQs

Few important question you must read before proceed cargo insurance booking with tumbrela

What is marine cargo insurance?

Marine insurance is a kind of property insurance that protects property against loss or damage while in transit that may arise from risks associated with the navigation of marine and subsequent land and inland waterways.

Who can buy cargo insurance?

Anyone who is transporting goods can buy transport insurance for marine cargo from any given destination. You can choose any kind of service, air, road, rail, marine, and get your cargo insured from our trusted insurance partner.

Why should I buy cargo Insurance?

Insuring your cargo can protect the value of your assets against potential losses that can occur while in transit during air, ocean, and rail shipments. Sometimes shippers misunderstand how responsibility works in case of loss. However, some occurrences are not the responsibility of the transporters like damages during loading/unloading, accidents, rain, or other natural disasters.

What type of policy do you offer?

Cargo insurance through Trukky insurance offers risk covers of up to 90% for your goods in transit through road, rail, air, or any other transit. So, if your cargo is in transit in any mode of transport, you can get it insured at the best price and policy.

What documents are needed to claim Cargo Insurance?

Trukky insurance helps you in filling the claim immediately online by following simple steps, however, the insurance company require some basic documentation for the claim as noted below;

  • Bills of loading

  • Packing List.

  • Commercial Invoice.

  • Written claim against the carrier.

  • Confirmation of non-delivery or carrier reply if received.

  • Itemized claim statement.

  • Delivery receipt.

How is cargo insurance calculated?

The cargo insurance premium varies from case-to-case basis and does not follow a universal formula as multiple factors influence the risk underwriting like type/nature of consignment, the route being taken for the transit, destination city, mode of transport, and other issues that can affect the delivery of goods.

How much cargo damage is covered in my insurance?

Cargo insurance protects your cargo from financial loss due to any damaged or misplaced cargo. Carrier liability is usually not enough to cover the value of the freight.  Insurances issued through Trukky insurance partner companies cover the risk coverage of up to 90% of the invoice value.

How does cargo insurance work?

Cargo insurance gives insurance on the goods or commodities hauled by a carrier. It includes your liability for cargo that is lost or damaged due to causes such as fire, collision, or striking of a load.

How do I pay the insurance premium?

Once you have entered the cargo and asset details, you get a quoted price based on the asset value, and if you accept you can pay online through a safe payment gateway.

What is the risk involved in cargo insurance?

Potential loss of your business can be secured as you recover if you’re is a cargo damaged other shipment or the circumstances you may have liability; if you must file a lawsuit to recover damages it’s going to take time and.

How it works

Get your cargo insurance online with a hassle-free process from the most trusted insurance partner.

Step 1 – Add Cargo Details

Provide us with the basic details of your goods before transiting by entering material type, category and pick and drop location so that we can calculate your premium amount on the value of your goods.

Step 2 – Get Price

You will get an instant quote within seconds based on the provided cost of your material and pick and drop location.  We offer the lowest premium amount and greatest value without making any confusion with comparison.

Step 3 – Buy Online

Accept the quote by paying the premium online through a safe payment gateway and you get one-click insurance safely through your mobile phone or desktop.

How to claim

As you buy, so you claim. Get your cargo insured a little earlier online with a simple process.

Step 1 – Raise Claim request

Got your cargo damaged partially or fully? Got stolen? Enter your claim online by contacting us to Claims from mobile or web. You will be directed to the Claims section where you can raise a Claim or drop us an email to raise a claim.

Step 2 – Claim initiation process

Trukky insurance will process the claim with Bharti AXA. You will get an earlier inspection scheduling call from BhartiAXA or its affiliated partners within 48-72 hrs. You can arrange the documentation and damage certificate meanwhile to get the earlier claim.

Step 3 – Get Claim

The physical inspection for evaluation will carry out and submitted to BhartiAXA. Once all the documents are collected and inspection is done it usually takes 7-15 business days for receiving the claim.

Inclusion or exclusion

Inclusion in Cargo Insurance 

Trukky insurance helps you cover all your insurance needs from several circumstances ensuring the safe and secure delivery of your cargo.

Natural Disaster

The natural disasters are covered in your cargo insurance policy like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, lightning, river or lake water entering.

Theft or Malicious damage

We also make sure that your cargo is insured from theft, malicious damage, or any other destruction.

Strikes, riots, and civil commotion

Any national or International SRCC issues prevailing during the freight route will also be insured.

Fire, explosion, and derailment

Any fire, explosion, in the conveyance or overturning, or derailment of conveyance collusion also allows you to file your damage claims.

Loading & unloading damage

Any damages incurred during loading and unloading of the goods and material are also covered in a cargo insurance policy.

Non-delivery or shortage

We get you fully covered if goods are not delivered, reached the wrong destination, or got a shortage of any item or material. Exclusions on Cargo InsuranceThere are some general exclusions of the insurance policy and plans for freight movement.
  • War, riots, and civil commotion

  • Normal leakage or wear and tear

  • Delays in cargo delivery

  • Incorrect packing

  • Inherent vice

  • Radioactive contamination


We take you through a simple process of cargo insurance where you do not get stuck in price and policy comparison. You get the best price on the best cargo insurance policy.

Guide to buy cargo insurance

What is Cargo Insurance?

Cargo insurance protects against all risks of physical loss or damage to cargo assets from any external or internal cause during shipping, whether or not by land, sea, or air. Some carrier liability is calculated to support the burden of the cargo and should be restricted to higher costs.

The movement of assets across the globe comes with several risks. These uncertainties are moderated through insurance coverage as there is no guarantee that damage or loss will not happen.

What are the different types of Cargo insurance?

Think of shipment insurance just like your health or life insurance. The purpose is to get you covered to the maximum by securing you from bearing the heavier cost of damages.  As you’ll imagine, there are many kinds of cargo insurance, each with its coverages and limitations.

Land shipment insurance

Land shipment insurance, as its name suggests, covers your cargo once it’s being transported onto land. This is usually implicated once your shipment is on board a truck, normally applies to once it’s being transported or managed by different vehicles. This insurance is domestic and coverage is merely applicable within the country.

Coverage: theft, harm from collision, and different risks.

Marine shipment insurance

Marine insurance covers the ocean (and air for air freight) leg of your shipment’s journey. Marine insurance policies are either renewable or permanent. The cargo insurance offered for your transit with Trukky tends to be relatively cheap and may find yourself saving you a substantial add. As for frequent shippers, a permanent policy can cowl you for a determined amount of your time despite the number of shipments your causation.

Coverage: harm from loading/unloading, inclementness, piracy, and different risks.

Why is Cargo insurance important?

Some of the most regular commonly known damages for cargo movement are beyond the carrier’s liability, which also includes fire, strikes, acts of God, accidents of the sea, the inefficiency of packing, improper loading and unloading, and more. With these issues proving a carrier is legally liable for your freight can be difficult. With cargo insurance, you are covered for these losses and don’t need to prove liability.

If a marine carrier declares general average and your cargo was on the ship, your cargo will not be delivered until the salvage security and general average deposit are calculated. You also get secure from late or no delivery.

You need to get your cargo fully insured. The primary objective of having cargo insurance is that you simply minimize your loss if your cargo is broken or lost. The little investment you pay provides peace of mind as your merchandise leaves your warehouse. It also includes these benefits for your business:

Your income is shielded from unforeseen losses

Profits are still generated if coverage includes it

The efficient procedure of claims attributable to skilled service

Simplified coverage of losses

What are the Cargo insurance coverage details?

Marine Insurance covers your merchandise for any loss or damage in transit on the ocean. whereas every policy may vary on the small print, the most purpose of ocean freight insurance is to guard you and your company against suffering revenue.

There are a couple of differing types of shipment insurance policies that you ought to think about. inspect this nice list of the types of freight insurance cover. Knowing which sort of policy most closely fits your business needs knowing your full scope of labor, and therefore the risks concerned in your specific move and trade.

Since Marine shipment Insurance covers merchandise over the ocean, it protects your bottom line against hearth and loss. It even covers injury thanks to the weather. Rough seas will cause injury to things from being tossed and jostled around within containers.

Protect your assets from the beginning. Properly packaging your freight before it begins its journey can go a protracted method in safeguarding against loss.

What are the limitations of Cargo insurance?

Cargo insurance doesn’t cover risks and issues that the shipper encompasses a heap of management. You reduce the possibilities of your freight being broken or lost. And usually, policies exclude:

Damage to inadequate packaging. If any injury to your merchandise is copied back to improper packaging of your freight, the policy won’t cowl you.

Damage to blemished merchandise. If the carrier will show you that the injury was owing to faulty things within your lading, the policy won’t pay you back.

Specific types of freight. Some insurance suppliers don’t insure unsafe materials, sure electronic merchandise, and different highly valuable or fragile merchandise.

Some modes of transportation. Some policies could solely cowl your freight once it’s aboard a ship, a plane, or a truck.