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Why the marine insurance is important?

Why the marine insurance is important? Is your marine in transit at risk of damage or theft? Are getting marine insurance paperwork afraid you? Tension-free marine insurance processes online by Trukky, where no paperwork, and have less price as compared to different insurance companies. Instead, marine insurance works with the largest and most reputable insurance companies to provide you with the industry's best risk coverage terms, as well as a quick claim facility at the most affordable premium rates. Tumbrela, one of India's leading and most trusted companies, has now insured your marine with the highest risk coverage.

Trukky insurance has made it easier to get marine insurance by allowing you to book it in just three easy steps: enter your details, get a quote, and pay securely online to generate a policy instantly online. This simple procedure protects your marine from theft and harm during transit. You will save money on the cost of your freight by insuring it and paying a small percentage of its value.

The same convenience is offered in claiming your insurance, with the option of filing a claim earlier via Trukky insurance; the procedure is as easy as having your insurance. The marine is insured, and if there are any damages or losses, you can receive your claim value according to the policy as soon as possible.

Trukky insurance's marine insurance is the best insurance cover for safeguarding your marine anywhere in the world because it is personalized and tailor-made. Trukky's marine insurance is quick and easy to obtain, and it will protect your marine from any harm or loss that might occur during the shipping process.

Marine Insurance FAQs 

What is the amount for Minimum Premium Deposit?

First, the value of the shipment or the freight expense must be calculated. Then add factor in 10% for escalation costs. The net value received is multiplied by the insurance premium that the insurance broker has quoted. As a result, the final value received is the sum to be paid as a premium.

What if I already have a Marine Insurance Policy?

Inquire with your risk control agent about your new marine insurance policy's terms and exclusions. If you need to file a lawsuit, what are the deductibles? What types of events are covered: all-risk, war provisions, protests, demonstrations, and civil disobedience? You may be able to find a more cost-effective marine insurance solution.

How long does it take to buy marine Insurance?

The policy's protection duration corresponds to the average transit time. In most cases, the period of open marine insurance will not exceed one year.

How it works

Get cargo insurance from the most trusted insurance partner online with a simple operation.

Step 1 - Add Marine cargo Details

Until transiting, enter the basic information of your products, such as material type, category, and pick-up and drop-off position, so that we can determine your premium based on the value of your goods.

Step 2 - Get Price

You can receive an instant quote in seconds based on the cost of your material and the pick-up and drop-off location you provide. We have the cheapest premium and the best value without causing any uncertainty by comparison.

Step 3 - Buy Online

Accept the quote by paying the fee online through a secure payment gateway, and you'll have one-click insurance on your phone or computer.

How to claim

As you buy, so you claimWith a simple online procedure, you can insure your marine a little sooner.

Step 1 - Raise Claim request

Is your marine partially or completely damaged? Have you been robbed? By contacting us at Claims from a smartphone or the internet, you can submit your claim online. You'll be taken to the Claims site, where you can file a claim online or send us an email.

Step 2 - Claim initiation process

Bharti AXA will handle the claim for Tumbrela. Within 48-72 hours, BhartiAXA or its associated partners will contact you to schedule an inspection. In the meantime, you should prepare the paperwork and harm certificate to receive the earlier petition.

Step 3 - Get Claim

The physical examination will be completed and sent to BhartiAXA for review. It normally takes 7-15 business days to receive the claim after all of the records have been obtained and inspected.

Inclusion or exclusion

Inclusion in Cargo Insurance 

Trukky insurance helps you cover all your insurance needs from several circumstances ensuring the safe and secure delivery of your cargo.

Natural Disaster

The natural disasters are covered in your cargo insurance policy like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, lightning, river or lake water entering. 

Theft or Malicious damage

We also make sure that your cargo is insured from theft, malicious damage, or any other destruction.

Strikes, riots, and civil commotion

Any national or International SRCC issues prevailing during the freight route will also be insured.

Fire, explosion, and derailment

Any fire, explosion, in the conveyance or overturning, or derailment of conveyance collusion also allows you to file your damage claims. 

Loading & unloading damage

Any damages incurred during loading and unloading of the goods and material are also covered in a cargo insurance policy.

Non-delivery or shortage

We get you fully covered if goods are not delivered, reached the wrong destination, or got a shortage of any item or material.

Exclusions on Cargo Insurance

There are some general exclusions of the insurance policy and plans for freight movement. 

  • War, riots, and civil commotion
  • Normal leakage or wear and tear
  • Delays in cargo delivery
  • Incorrect packing
  • Inherent vice
  • Radioactive contamination 


We walk you through a straightforward marine insurance process without getting bogged down in price and policy comparisons. You get the best marine insurance package at the best price.

Guide to buy Marine insurance

What is Marine Insurance?

Marine insurance covers all risks of physical loss or harm to marine cargo properties during transportation, from any external or internal cause. Some carrier liability is estimated to cover the marine burden, and it should be limited to higher costs.

The transfer of assets around the world entails many threats. Since there is no certainty that injury or loss will not occur, an insurance policy helps to mitigate these risks.

What are the different types of Marine insurance?

Think of shipment insurance just like your health or life insurance. The purpose is to get you covered to the maximum by securing you from bearing the heavier cost of damages. As you'll imagine, there are many kinds of cargo insurance, each with its coverages and limitations.

Hull Insurance:

Hull insurance mostly covers the vessel's torso and hull, as well as all of the ship's articles and furniture. This form of marine insurance is typically purchased by the ship's owner to protect the vessel in the event of a mishap.

Machinery Insurance:

This insurance covers all necessary equipment, and in the event of any operating damages, claimants will be paid (post-survey and approval by the surveyor). Hull & Machinery (H&M) Insurance combines the above two policies into one. The H&M insurance can also be expanded to provide coverage for war risks and strikes.

Protection & Indemnity (P&I) Insurance:

This insurance is issued by the P&I club, which is a shipowners mutual insurance company that covers third-party liability and risks not covered by regular H&M and other policies.

Liability Insurance:

Liability insurance is a form of marine insurance that seeks to compensate for any liability incurred as a result of a ship sinking or colliding, as well as any other caused attacks.

Marine shipment Insurance

The ocean (and air for air freight) leg of your shipment's journey is covered by marine insurance. Marine insurance plans may be renewed or remain in effect indefinitely. Trukky's marine insurance for your transit is usually very affordable, and it might end up saving you a lot of money. For regular shippers, a long-term policy will cover you for a set period, regardless of the number of shipments you cause.

Coverage: harm from loading/unloading, inclementness, piracy, and different risks.

Why is Marine insurance important?

Some of the most common and well-known cargo movement losses are beyond the carrier's responsibility, including fire, strikes, acts of God, maritime incidents, inefficient packaging, improper loading and unloading, and more. Proving that a carrier is legitimately responsible for the freight can be challenging in light of these issues. You are compensated for these risks with freight insurance, and you do not need to show responsibility.

If a marine carrier declares general average when carrying your cargo, your cargo will not be shipped until the salvage protection and general average deposit have been determined. You are also protected against late or non-delivery.

You must insure your marine fully. The primary goal of marine insurance is to reduce your loss if your cargo is damaged or lost. When your stock leaves your shop, the small investment you make offers peace of mind. It also has the following advantages for your company:

  • Unexpected losses are not a problem since your income is protected.
  • If it is covered, profits can still be made.
  • The smooth processing of claims resulting from professional service.
  • Simplified coverage of losses

What are the Marine insurance coverage details?

Marine insurance protects the goods from loss or injury while in transit through the ocean. Although the fine print of each policy can differ, the main goal of ocean freight insurance is to protect you and your business from losing money.

There are a few different forms of shipping insurance plans that you can consider. Examine this comprehensive list of freight insurance coverage options. Knowing which type of policy best suits your company necessitates an understanding of your full scope of work, and therefore the risks involved in your particular step and trade.

Marine shipment insurance protects the bottom line from fire and damage because it covers goods shipped across the ocean. It also includes weather-related injuries. Stuff in containers can be thrown and jostled about in rough waters, causing damage.

From the start, safeguard your money. Properly packing the freight before it embarks on its journey will go a long way toward preventing loss.

What are the limitations of Marine insurance?

Marine insurance does not cover the liabilities and problems that the shipper is responsible for. You lower the chances of your marine being damaged or lost. And, in most cases, policies exclude:

  • Insufficient packaging causes harm. The policy would not cover you if any damage to your product is traced back to inappropriate freight packaging.
  • Damage to blemished merchandise. If the carrier will show you that the injury was owing to faulty things within your lading, the policy won’t pay you back.
  • Freight of particular styles. Some insurance companies refuse to cover hazardous goods, certain electronic items, and other highly valuable or fragile items.
  • Some modes of transportation are available. Some policies can only cover your freight after it has been loaded onto a ship, plane, or truck.