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Trukky brings you hassle-free transport insurance processes online, with no work, and ineffective worth comparisons between totally different insurance firms. Instead, truck insurance is the most effective and most sure Insurance supplier and offers you the business best risk coverage terms, fast claim facility at premium rates. Your wares are currently insured with the most effective risk through Trukky insurance by one of the leading and also the most reliable insurance partner in India.

Marine transport insurance has become easier with Trukky insurance and engaged at intervals seconds through your mobile device or computers in exactly three simple steps wherever you add your details, get a quote, and pay safely online to come up with policy instantly online. this easy method makes your wares secure from thievery and any transit injury. you'll save the worth of your assets by insuring and paying a minimum share of your plus value.

The same ease is provided in claiming your insurance wherever you get the chance to associate earlier claims through Trukky insurance, the method is as straightforward as obtaining your insurance. The wares get insured and just in case of any damages or loss, you get your claim worth as per policy sooner.

Marine transport insurance with Trukky insurance is that the best insurance cowl that's tailored and customized in safeguarding your wares anyplace around the globe. an easy and simple to urge marine insurance for wares at Trukky can shield your wares from any injury or loss caused throughout the transit via marine.


Things to consider while Buying Transport Insurance online?

Transport insurance covers some general requirements that help in securing the asset, including those general liability and collision coverage. Uninsured and underinsured coverage is another important aspect of commercial transport insurance.

Why ought to I obtain transport Insurance?

Insuring your wares will defend the worth of your assets against potential losses which will occur whereas in transit throughout air, ocean, and rail shipments. generally, shippers misconstrue however responsibility works just in case of loss. However, some occurrences aren't the responsibility of the transporters like damages throughout loading/unloading, accidents, rain, or alternative natural disasters.

What kind of policy does one offer?

Cargo insurance through Trukky insurance offers risk covers of up to ninetieth for your merchandise in transit through road, rail, air, or the other transit. So, if your wares are in transit in any mode of transport, you'll be able to grasp insured at the simplest value and policy.

How many goods injury is covered in my insurance?

Transport insurance protects your wares from loss because of any broken or misplaced wares. Carrier liability is typically not enough to hide the worth of the freight. Insurances issued through Trukky insurance partner corporations cowl the danger coverage of up to ninetieth of the invoice price.

However, do I pay the transport insurance premium?

Once you've got entered the wares and quality details, you get a quoted value supported by the quality price, and if you settle for you'll be able to pay online through a secure payment gateway

How it works

Get your transport insurance online with an easy method from the foremost trustworthy insurance partner.

Step one - Add shipment Details

Give us the fundamental details of your product before transiting by getting into material sort, class, and choose and drop location so we will calculate your premium quantity on the worth of your product.

Step two - Get worth

You may get an immediate quote among seconds supported by the provided value of your material and choose and drop location. we provide the bottom premium quantity and greatest worthwhile not creating any confusion with comparison.

Step three - obtain online

Settle for the quote by paying the premium online through a secure payment entrance and you get one-click insurance safely through your mobile or desktop.

How to claim

As you buy, therefore you claim. Get your shipment insured a bit earlier online with an easy method.

Step one - Raise Claim request

Got your shipment broken part or fully? Got stolen? Enter your claim online by contacting the support at Trukky to Claims from mobile or net. you may be directed to the Claims section wherever you'll raise a Claim or drop us an email to lift a claim.

Step two - Claim initiation method

Trukky insurance can method the claim with Bharti AXA. you may get an Associate in Nursing earlier review programming decision from BhartiAXA or its attached partners among 48-72 hrs. you'll prepare the documentation and injury certificate meantime to urge the sooner claim.

Step three - Get Claim

The physical review for analysis can do and submitted to BhartiAXA. Once all the documents are collected and review is completed it always takes 7-15 business days for receiving the claim.

Inclusion or exclusion

Inclusion in transport insurance

Trukky insurance helps you cowl all of your insurance desires from many circumstances guaranteeing the safe and secure delivery of your shipment.

Natural Disaster

The natural disasters are coated in your transport contracts like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, lightning, stream or lake water getting into.

Theft or Malicious injury

We tend to additionally check that that your shipment is insured from thieving, malicious injury, or other destruction.

Strikes, riots, and civil commotion

Any national or International SRCC problems prevailing throughout the freight route also will be insured.

Fire, explosion, and mishap

Any fire, explosion, within the conveyance or overturning, or mishap of conveyance collusion additionally permits you to file your injury claims.

Loading & unloading injury

Any damages incurred throughout the loading and unloading of the products and material are coated during a transport contract.

Non-delivery or shortage

We tend to get you coated if the product isn’t delivered, reached the incorrect destination, or got a shortage of any item or material.

Exclusions on transport insurance

There are some general exclusions of the contract and plans for freight movement.

  • War, riots, and civil commotion
  • Traditional outpouring or wear and tear
  • Delays in shipment delivery
  • Incorrect packing
  • Inherent vice
  • Contamination


Trukky insurance provides a simple process of transport insurance where you do not have to get confused in price and policy comparison. You get the market competitive price on the reliable and trusted transport insurance policy.

Guide to buy Trnsport insurance

What is transport insurance?

Transport insurance protects against all risks of physical loss or harm to load assets from any external or internal cause throughout shipping, whether or not or not by land, sea, or air. Some carrier liability is calculated to support the burden of the load and may be restricted to higher prices.

The movement of assets across the world comes with many risks. These uncertainties are tempered through sum as there's no guarantee that harm or loss won't happen.

What are the various kinds of transport insurance?

Think of cargo insurance rather like your health or life assurance. the aim is to urge you lined to the utmost by securing you from bearing the heavier price of damages. As you will imagine, there are several sorts of transport insurance, every with its coverages and limitations.

Land transport insurance

Land transport insurance, as its name suggests, covers your load once it’s being transported toward land. this is often sometimes involved once your cargo is on board a truck, commonly applies to once it’s being transported or managed by totally different vehicles. This insurance is domestic and coverage is just applicable inside the country. It covers larceny, damage from collision, and different risks.

Marine transport insurance

Marine insurance covers the ocean transportation of your shipment’s journey. Marine insurance policies are either renewable or permanent. The transport insurance offered for your transit with Trukky tends to be comparatively low-cost and will end up saving you a considerable add. As for frequent shippers, a permanent policy will cowl you for a determined quantity of some time despite the number of shipments your causing. It covers damage from loading/unloading, bad weather, piracy, and totally different risks.

Why is transport insurance important?

Some of the foremost regular usually acknowledged damages for load movement are on the far side the carrier’s liability, that conjointly includes hearth, strikes, acts of God, accidents of the ocean, the unskillfulness of packing, improper loading and unloading, and more. With these problems proving a carrier is de jure responsible for your freight is tough. With transport insurance, you're lined for these losses and don’t get to prove liability.

If a marine carrier declares general average and your load was on the ship, your load won't be delivered till the salvage security and general average deposit are calculated. you furthermore might get secure from late or no delivery.

You need to urge your load insured. the first objective of getting transport insurance is that you simply minimize your loss if your load is broken or lost. the microscopic investment you pay provides peace of mind as your merchandise leaves your warehouse. It conjointly includes these advantages for your business:

  • Your financial gain is secure from unforeseen losses
  • Profits are still generated if coverage includes it
  • The economical procedure of claims owing to hot service
  • Simplified coverage of losses

What are the transport details?

Marine transport Insurance covers your merchandise for any loss or harm in transit on the ocean. whereas each policy might vary on the little print, the foremost purpose of ocean freight insurance is to protect you and your company against suffering revenue.

There are a handful of different types of cargo insurance policies that you just have to be compelled to have confidence in. examine this nice list of the categories of freight insurance cowl. Knowing which type of policy most closely fits your business wants knowing your full scope of labor, and so the risks involved in your specific move and trade.

Since Marine cargo Insurance covers merchandise over the ocean, it protects your bottom line against fireplace and loss. It even covers injury due to the weather. Rough seas can cause injury to things from being tossed and jostled around inside containers.

Protect your assets from the start. Properly packaging your freight before it begins its journey will go a prolonged technique in safeguarding against loss.

What are the constraints of transport insurance?

Transport insurance doesn’t cowl risks and problems that the shipper encompasses a heap of management. You cut back the chances of your freight being broken or lost. and frequently, policies exclude:

  • Harm to inadequate packaging. If any injury to your merchandise is traced back to improper packaging of your freight, the policy won’t cowl you.
  • Harm to blemished merchandise. If the carrier can show you that the injury was attributable to faulty things inside your product, the policy won’t pay you back.
  • Specific kinds of freight. Some insurance suppliers don’t insure unsafe materials, certain electronic merchandise, and different extremely valuable or fragile merchandise.
  • Some modes of transportation. Some policies may exclusively cowl your freight once it's aboard a ship, a plane, or a truck.